Greg Gladman

Managing Director, Global Development

Greg is a sales team transformation expert and keynote speaker who works with his clients to help them grow sales and profitability. By establishing a structured and consistent sales process Greg helps his clients to be focussed on uncovering the buying criteria of the prospect and gaining commitment to the next step of the sales process.

With his professional yet practical approach, Greg makes it easy for CEOs to gain an in-depth understanding of the sales organisation. He gives CEOs a way to see where improvements can be made to have a direct effect on revenue or profit.

Greg and his team work with CEOs to give them a greater understanding of sales systems and processes. This allows CEOs to provide more guidance to their sales managers and to support the sales team to consistently win more business.

When interviewed Greg said “I guide CEOs to that ‘aha moment’ where they realise that it’s not just about watching the scoreboard, it’s about managing behaviour. You can’t just have a budget or targets for your sales team. You also need a structured approach for your team to follow to achieve the desired outcome.”

Greg and his team have created sales training that will challenge your current sales process and it actually works. He will also ensure the team have some fun along the way. If you are a CEO who wants to understand what is really in the way of your business growth or where your sales team is going wrong, Greg can help you.

Working with Greg and his team will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to be able to ask better questions around the sales process, pipeline and key metrics to achieve the business growth you want.

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