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Assess your current sales and leadership assets.

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Meet Your Global Team

Greg Gladman

Managing Director, Global Development

Amanda Cuervo

Director of Operations USA

Susanne Packer

Operations Manager AUS/NZ

On the sales front, Greg and the team work with CEOs to give them a greater understanding of sales systems, processes and people. This allows CEOs to provide more guidance to their sales management and to support the sales team through customised training to consistently win more business.

For your leadership team, managers and supervisors we can provide an objective assessment of core management knowledge and skills, then provide customised training and one on one coaching in areas that are topics that are directly related to their current role in areas where they need help.

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1) No guesswork: We put the science into the evaluation process.

The research and evaluation tools at our disposal will provide an objective assessment of sales professionals and business leaders. To date, over 1 million salespeople worldwide have contributed to the development of our programmes and the results have been independently validated at over 95% accuracy.

Thousands of business leaders have been assessed and we have been able to find the ideal tool to evaluate them that allows companies to accurately diagnose if training is required. It also evaluates if training is viable for each individual and ensures that we target specific training and coaching to the needs of each individual.

2) Proven training and coaching methods from coaches with real world experience.

The world is a changing place and ‘one-day workshops’ on their own just don’t work. Our team keeps up to speed with the latest training techniques and content that apply to the changing world we live in. These techniques are used to compliment the face to face workshops.

Our online learning platforms are easy to use, track performance and provides full flexibility for the busy lives we live. You choose when you do the study and then your coaching focuses on the specific areas of need for you as an individual.

We bring you world-leading tools and programmes that will give you immediate results and with the ongoing embedding process, you will continue to see changes in behaviours over time.

Thousands of salespeople, sales managers and business leaders have attended our events and engaged in our training and coaching programs across, Australia, New Zealand, North America, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific.

Sales Team Evaluation: Diagnosis before Prescription

Before designing a sales training and development plan it vital that we first do an objective evaluation of your sales organisation. We do a thorough evaluation of the sales team, sales management, systems, processes, pipeline and metrics using the industry’s leading tools. Only then do we have absolute clarity of what we need to focus on in the training and development of the sales organisation.

We use the world’s # 1 sales team evaluation tools from Objective Management Group, which have been used to evaluate over 1.1 million sales professionals from around the world over a 20 year period. These resources have helped over 11,000 companies identify focus areas for improvement of their sales teams.

These tools uncover the real reason preventing companies from experiencing record-setting sales growth, and lay a foundation for understanding what needs to change. Often the sales professional is unaware of the weaknesses holding him or her back.

These tools uncover the real reason preventing companies from experiencing record-setting sales growth, and lay a foundation for understanding what needs to change. Often the sales professional is unaware of the weaknesses holding him or her back.

By evaluating the sales team, system and processes, we can pinpoint exactly where improvement is needed. We can even identify what the increase in revenue will be if the issues are addressed.

At Sales and Leadership Performance we feel it makes sense to first diagnose to find the causes by completing an evaluation of the sales team, before being able to prescribe a cure.

Leadership Evaluation: Diagnosis before Prescription

For your non-sales management team, we provide an objective assessment of anyone who is managing or supervising a team people inside your business.

The core management skills assessment is an online assessment, that takes approximately one hour per person to complete. It covers:

  • Knowledge & Skills – scenario based (situational judgement) testing.
  • Attitude – learners attitude towards learning each specific competency e.g. is this relevant and do I think it is important?
  • Organisational Climate (Situational) – are specific support structures, processes, procedures and reward structures in place to enable me to apply this skill on the job?
  • Organisational Climate (General) – does my manager and those around me support implementation of new skills and support training in general?

Using a proprietary scoring algorithm, we correlate all these factors together (K+S+A+C) to determine who needs training and how likely it is the training will deliver the intended outcomes.

Spend your money wisely on those who will give you a return on investment – Call us today to discuss how!

Custom Training

With the information obtained from the evaluations, we then assist you by putting in place a complete training and development program. This program is tailored specifically to the weaknesses and competencies identified in the evaluations and support the long-term strategies of the company.

We identifying who you should be investing in and who should have a more internal coaching focus due to their lower return on investment.
We use a blended learning approach which encourages behavioural changes over time. This will include a mixture of face to face training, self-paced online learning modules, video coaching sessions, group training webinars and additional hints and tips along the way.

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